An Introduction to the Renaissance Faire


With my last post for class in July 2011, the faire season began, and I abandoned this project.  Now as the long winter months set in, my thoughts have once again turned toward the coming faire season.  I hope to start working on this blog again as my family, faire friends, and I start working toward the 2012 season.

174 Days and counting!

Meanwhile….following are a few pictures from 2011

I never did find the right lace to finish this shift. Oh well!

A different look for me….calling this persona, “Grandma Storyteller.” I doubt she’ll make another appearance at faire.

Another summer look.

Southern Ohio in October 2011

With my sister (wearing one of her previously mentioned works of art) and brother-in-law

GLMF gang invading the Pittsburgh Faire in Sept 2011


Comments on: "Countdown to the 2012 season" (2)

  1. Love it, Barb! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kate! Hope to see you in Avaloch this summer.

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