An Introduction to the Renaissance Faire

Have Caravan–Will Travel!

Matt & Tracie, making their debut in Avaloch (2007)

I am a single woman, but I’m very fortunate that my sister and her husband, who share my love of faire, live about two miles away.  Matt and Tracie own a Dodge Caravan, which I nicknamed “The Faire-A-Van” due to its popularity among our family and local faire friends.  Matt and Tracie are generous enough to extend the invitation to ride with them whenever they are heading to faire.  More than the convenience of having a designated driver, it’s just nice to have friends who appreciate and share the excitement of faire.

Our local faire is about 1 hour, 40 minutes away, so it is a bit of a trip.  We drive up to Geneva and back most every Saturday and Sunday during the six weeks of faire.  Additionally, we usually try to plan 1-2 trips to other faires each year.  The Pittsburgh faire is just over 2 hours away from us, and the Southern Ohio faire is about a 3-hour drive; both run into the fall season, several weeks after the performers and vendors of Avaloch have packed up their wares and moved on.

Traveling to other faires gives us the opportunity to meet up with our friends from Avaloch, friends we might not get to see otherwise until the following season.  The revelry of faire travel finds us reuniting with one another in the rather mundane setting of parking lots, and may include tailgating, getting into garb, meet and greet, and various other shenanigans.

Following are some such moments that we have captured over the last few years:

Parking Lot Pirate


Like this:



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