An Introduction to the Renaissance Faire

My youngest daughter and I, heading out to faire together as gypsies

There are two sides to most faires.  The majority of the entertainment and interaction is definitely family friendly, with the usual storytellers, playgrounds, harmless pirates, and other activities appropriate for kids of all ages.  A faire-goer looking for a little devilish fun will not be disappointed, however.  Bawdy comments and risque innuendo are sure to be found by those with an eye and an ear for it.  Much of this type interaction will sail harmlessly over the heads of the youngest patrons, the wide-eyed kids who may think they have stumbled into a fairy land. 

My niece (left) and daughter (right) enjoying an afternoon at faire

Those with kids in the 11-17 age group should be warned that there can be quite a lot of “PG-13” material at a faire, and this group will definitely get the jokes.  Shows with racy content are always identified as such, so that wary parents can steer clear.

Here are some examples of PG-13 shows you might catch at a faire: The Duelists: The Manly Art of the Epic Duel (Renaissance Stayle) Broon: Juggler, Fire Eater, Insulter Extroidenairre The Washing Well Wenches: Good Clean Fun, Wet Dirty Women


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